“The Middle East’s favorable economic successes may have been built on the foundation of the oil and gas industry but Private Equity-backed companies are major players in the sustainability of the Region’s market economy.”

Smart Investing

We position ourselves in aiding investors with the desire of creating value and achieving a positive return on investment for their private equities. Our integrated team of leading industry experts understands niche-specific sectors that range from manufacturing, software, technology, healthcare, information, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, transportation, retail, hospitality, and logistics. At Arrowline Holding, we are passionate about creating value for your investment. We provide a long-term business platform for our partner companies and fund investors.

Thorough Evaluation

We seek opportunities through research and screening, utilizing performance reviews with due diligence. We then work closely and collaborate with established companies that have proven financial records, to promote liquidity and healthy entrepreneurship that’s necessary to create value for our shareholders. We diversify our investments to maximize returns and minimize risks. At Arrowline Holding, we take the access to work side-by-side with our clients to deliver industry expertise for confident management of their equities.

An Unwavering Commitment

We are committed to success in securing your investment through proven practices, utilizing emerging trends, and bringing in multiple valuable business connections. Beyond build-ups and traditional management buyouts, Arrowline Holding is constantly on the lookout for avenues to provide growth and value for your equities, leveraging your resources for maximum profit.

“New laws have been enacted by the Middle East to pave the way for investments in the developing healthcare sector of the region. This will facilitate the creation of state-of-the-art medical facilities that are intended to bring in major healthcare investors, the most innovative technologies, and top medical talent”

Leverage Opportunities

We harness the attractive healthcare investment opportunities in the Middle East while cashing in on the region's unique investment climate. Benefiting from the rising demand for adequate healthcare services, we work in close collaboration with partners to find ways in improving the healthcare sector while creating value for their investment. Our team of specialists is conversant with the region’s procedures, legislation, and existing healthcare incentives.

Strategic Planning

We actively develop strategies with creative business visionaries in healthcare and aid them in their ambition to grow and thrive within the healthcare industry. We achieve this in partnership with local consortiums, to maximize the capacity of various healthcare sub-sectors to better address the increasing demand for quality healthcare service in the Middle East.

Effective Collaboration

We team up with ardent businesses to invest in solutions for untapped potential healthcare markets with unfulfilled needs. In addition to providing sufficient financial capital, Arrowline Holding provides its partners a wide network of connections and support. We are on the constant process of enhancing our methods to fortify the existing healthcare framework of the region.
“Over the past decade, the Middle East has shown promising opportunities for growth in the Real Estate sector. According to Industry experts, the major countries in the Middle East have produced better rental yields more than twice compared to that of some of the world’s established cities in Europe and America.”

Purposeful Investment

We take an objective approach to our real estate investments. Accessing the resources made available to us from partnering with real estate businesses, we are able to provide a wider network and a larger capital investment to identify specific industry needs within the Middle East and thus take action to close these gaps. We have the flexibility to manage and structure our businesses in various ways, adapting to the changes in the real estate market of the Middle East.

Taking A Step Higher

We provide a competitive advantage through developing investment strategies with our investors, creating a strong platform for real estate investments to flourish and gain profit. Through partnerships with multiple businesses with proven track records, we renovate, buy, sell, and finance properties that ultimately create value for real estate investments.

Calculated Risks

We are Catalysts in generating a superior return on our investments through establishing appreciation, building equity and countering inflation through hedging. At Arrowline holding, we have the full capacity to provide property investors in the Middle East with debt capital and equity throughout various real estate investment strategies.

“The oil and gas industry of the Middle East is acknowledged as a low-risk investment location that generates high rewards. However, the environment of today’s market requires a unique and different investing strategy, particularly in Energy Real Assets. ”

Strategic Financing

We understand the complexity of investing in the oil and gas industry and the Middle East’s ever-changing macro and market conditions. Based on these factors, we implement a flexible investment directive that will accurately suit the relevant asset type and investment structure. Arrowline Holdings excel in energy real assets projects aimed at ensuring the stability of investment revenue and powerful growth potential.

Generate Stable Returns

We focus on leveraging oil and gas investment opportunities that generate stable returns and long-term profits. We are also proud of our strong network and relationships with established partner operators and prospect generators in the Middle East. We incorporate a modern and creative approach in coming up with an active risk management strategy and economic discipline. Our focus lies on the value of the asset and direct ownership to produce desirable risk-adjusted returns.

Exceeding Expectations

We have proven industry expertise and broad capabilities to manage energy real assets. With adequate technical and financial knowledge, we work and collaborate with our investors with the mindset of an oil and gas company. With Arrowline Holding’s expertise, we provide our investors with a topnotch investment strategy that primes you for success.

“As the Middle East seeks to diversify its economy away from oil and gas, it is keen to promote its infrastructure and strategic location in order to boost trade and signal further future financial advantages. As the demand for investment in the region's infrastructure increases, the need for qualified private capital to replace and expand international infrastructure continues to rise as well.”

Attention To Detail

We employ a disciplined strategy to find Infrastructure investment opportunities in the Middle East with minimized risks. Through an intricate selection process and by scrutinizing each detail of risk-based data, we seek investments and make our decisions. This ensures that we deliver nothing less than risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Maximizing The Workforce

We actively invest in people, procedures, and resources, thus positioning us to generate value in infrastructure investments whilst driving operational improvement. Through differentiated procurement, strong organizational commitment and effective shareholder management, we strive to boost economic activity. We at Arrowline Holdings believe that this approach will help provide our investors with value-added returns.

Facilitate Positive Returns

We believe in creating value for our investors whilst contributing to the Middle East’s regional and local economies. By investing in infrastructure assets, we’ll be able to generate attractive returns and stimulate sustainable long-term economic growth.

"As the economic development of the Middle East continues to rise at a steady pace, there is an increasing number of investors looking for hedge funds; with managers promising market-beating returns."

Fortifying Partnerships

We build strategic partnerships with credible hedge fund managers in the Middle East to further supply the right leverage for our investors to access a specialized and diverse pool of integrated hedge fund services platform that takes care of both back and middle offices of offshore and onshore hedge funds.

Maximizing Capacities

We eradicate risks and amplify investment returns through hedge funds regardless of the rise and fall of equity and bond markets. Our team of specialists has the fundamental knowledge of the regulatory laws governing various hedge funds from across the different jurisdictions of the Middle East.

Staying on Top

We have an inherent advantage over the challenging market of the Middle East. By providing support for fund managers so they can focus on taking care of their investments, as we build a strong framework necessary for their success. Our experienced fund management team provides tailored solutions and unique investment strategies that result in stable returns and fewer expenditure ratios.

“When navigating through the Middle East capital markets, credible support is essential in creating value and maximizing investment performance and in taking care of capital requirements. “

Diversified Solutions

We deliver an exemplary platform to provide capital market solutions to various clients throughout the Middle East by offering an integrated investment strategy that goes beyond financing, advisory, acquisitions, and investment sales. We are constantly beating our track record in meeting our clients’ expectations. Our services for capital markets include debt arrangement and financing equity for differentiated transactions, as well as organizing investment products.

Augmented Support

We create a sustainable environment by using capital markets to help enhance transactional efficiencies in bringing entities who hold the capital and businesses seeking capital together. At Arrowline holding, we believe in providing support to our portfolio companies and clients through offering customized capital markets advice and constructing and implementing capital solutions for businesses looking for financing.

Tailored Solutions

We execute according to our clients’ needs throughout a wide range of finance transactions and for certain situations, take the role of the capital provider. We utilize our industry expertise and knowledge to bring out the full capacity of our firm.


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